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Believable characters, good dialog and a fitting title make this an ejoyable read.
Excellent dialogue and a well told story. I'd love to read the previous and next chapters.
What a great set up for a war romance story. These are wonderful characters and I would surely like to know more about them.
Very believable and enjoyable.
Very touching, well written and definitely want this to continue!
Like the others, I want to know more--and that's great writing.
So nicely done. It is easy to see that you could go on with this beautiful tale.
Very beautifully written with strong characters. Lovely to read.
So many things in life are "relative." I enjoyed this story... can you write an additional ending so Peggy can live "happily every after?" Very nice work on this!
You touched my heart on so many levels. I understand chronic pain, although thankfully not at the level your character does. I could also feel the longings in the nurse for so much more. It was a beautiful story, I can picture it turning into a delightful Romance novel.
This story was so beautifully expressed. I wanted to see it continue in that you gave each of the characters depth leaving one to hope for a better future. I found it very interesting, too, in the way you alluded to the nurse's past - a segue into why she became a nurse and possibly a spring board to build a deeper relationship between the two.
I'm a big fan of "real life" stories and I think this is the beginning of something I would like to read more of. Great job, Mari.
Wonderful character development. I am like others... I would love to read more.
I found myself kind of holding my breath when you initially switched POV's in such a short piece. But as I read onwards, you switched back and forth and carried it off beautifully. It worked great and intensified the emotions of the story.
Congratulations in placing in the top 40 over-all and in the top 15 of your level. Good job!