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Delightful!! Had me smiling from begin to end...
great use of particulars and adjectives in the beginning, fits great within the topic and I liked the transition in the ending.
I really enjoyed all the whimsy and details in this piece. The words, characters, descriptions, all fit the tone of the piece.
I got confused about the geese thing, though. I had finally settled into them being geese, but then the ending seemed to say that this was a sweet memory from sixty years ago. Do geese live that long? Or were these children pretending to be geese?
Other than my confusion about that, I found this entry to be a delight to read.
You have so many things to smile about with this entry. I especially liked "rumpled her rump." Your garden descriptions are exquisite. Can I borrow your friends sometime? :)
As I have three geese that make the pond behind my house their home, I could identify with the geese. They give me great comfort and are considered some of my best friends. I enjoyed the snippets from the various books and found a smile playing around my mouth throughout the story.
Whimsy is the right word for this delightful story. Your descriptions are always!
This had me thinking Anne of Green Gables...until I found out they were geese :-) A very delightful read, I enjoyed it!
Charming is the word that most pops into my mind. Incredible descriptions. Somehow the way you use words and play with the images seems to me to almost match the style and expertise in some of the books that were on the Reading List by the Four Friends.
No one can take animals and make them seem human better than you, Loren. You are the only writer I know of who really writes believable animal stories well. This was a delightful read. Thanks for sharing. :)