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Written by a very creative mind! Too bad you were limited by the word count.
I really liked this. Very imaginative and the Bible and the idea to teach everyone to read it was very uplifting as well.
This was deliciously creative and well written. Great story, and yes, it should probably grow into a book!
Totally loved this! The imagination is awesome and so creatively done on incorporating God's word into Sci-Fi. Great Job! You definitely succeeded in this Genre.
Wow! I love this! (I think the title is perfect.. even though it happens to be the topic.) Your imagination blew me away and you even have a message in this sci-fi story! Excellent!
I heard an interview the other day that said the way you get others to follow you into a world unknown, is to have a common thread for the reader to hang on to. I think you did that beautifully.

Not only did I like that she'd managed to hold onto the Bible as a treasure, but that she (in her young wisdom) realizes that reading would be an asset for the next generation. Nicely done.

Only hiccup for me- the transition when the captain comes into the room-- we don't see him leave so for a second I wondered, is he still there while she's lying down? then I figured it out w/ the extra spaces between paragraphs.

I enjoyed this :)
It is nice to know that even in the year 3725 that the words Christ wrote on our hearts is still present, even in the intuitive sense...which it is by the means of the Holy Spirit. The downside or maybe the good thing (depending on how you look at such things) the 2nd coming had yet to arrive - so much for all the doomsayers out there. I liked the way you portrayed each of the characters as well - their emotions and sense of burden of their responsibilities seemed quite real.
This is beautiful.

Congratulations in placing in the top 40 over-all and in the top 15 of your level. Good job!