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Nicely done! Interesting take on the topic. Enjoyed this.
I love the way you direct the reader to "His hands," then describe the things his "unmarred" hands did in life it brings a new light to His pre-cross work. You've used the senses beautifully in this free-verse poem. (look, listen, feel) Someday we will hear this voice Beautiful work here!
Wonderful work here--yes, and beautiful too. It was a particularly inspired piece, and moved me deeply. Thank you for sharing this; it must have blessed your own heart on its way through to mine, because it was so well done.
What a wonderful idea for the reader and a beautiful portrait of our Lord as well. I hope you place with this.
Ah, I could sit and listen to this Reader all day! Thanks for this calming message
I've always loved the way the New Testament reflects so truthfully to the Old Testament - especially from the book/prophet of Isaiah. I liked the way you had Jesus reading from the scrolls proclaiming Himself - if but we would only open our ears to hear. Wonderful job, as always!
Very intense and beautiful. My only question was Jesus told parables and quoted scripture, He didn't read them, but of course we now have the ability to read His words.The poem is so beautiful and flows like a river. You have a wonderful way with words.
Never mind my comment about Jesus reading, when I read your poem again I saw the scrolls. My tired brain missed it somehow the first time. It is truly beautiful.
beautifully written. Love this Jesus.
Reading this I can feel the love of the writer of her subject. Dear, precious, true, caring, deep and eternal.
Love this on so many levels.

Jesus is the only One in whom the Scripture is fulfilled in our hearing! Let us therefore be thrilled, and hold fast this truth in our hearts! Thanks for sharing this. Nicely written and touching hearts.