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Very good! Caught my attention from the first line and held it all the way through to the chilling finale! I especially love your last line.
Wonderful, from start to finish. So well written. I loved it!
Wow, powerful story--well done. I'm not sure what I think of the twist at the end, but good job.
Amazingly moving!
Very movingloved the imagery of that winged messenger.
This is so beautiful. I barely noticed one little typo quite instead of quiet, but no mistake could shadow the beautiful, powerful message you told. Truly outstanding.
Wow-goosebumps-heart rate up-rapid breathing. Exquisite.
Tender and powerful moments make this a masterpiece as your words bring it all to life. His voice became vaporous really caught my ear. Excellent!
This was beautiful and haunting (in a good way). My only quibble is with the dialogue- some of it I had to go back & forth to follow who was saying what- or when it was continuing on- but it's truly a minor quibble.

Great visuals and love the last line- both times it's used.

well done.
Very heart warming indeed.
Beautiful story...beautiful writing...beautiful witness. I love the poignancy of your story.
Oh wow! This emotion-filled story is so compelling. I could see every detail here. I LOVED "Jimmy's" message. Super work on this!
On topic with a powerful, well written message.
The ending sent shivers down my spine. You totally surprised me with the mom's letters having the impact. I thought for sure that it would be letters that the soldier had written to his mom.

Your descriptions were so vivid (as they always are), so I could picture the scene in my mind perfectly!

Pieces like these are why you are one of my favorite FaithWriter authors, Loren! Outstanding!
Great story with a positive message. I liked the simple way that Jimmy talked, even to the extent of repeating himself.
I think I'l throw in my vote with those who weren't comfortable with the ending. Yes, it made for memorable conclusion but I'm not sure it didn't detract from the message. Even so, you have plenty of people who loved it. Bless you