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This poem flowed very easily from one stanza to another. It was well crafted, and very enjoyable to read. I am guessing there is some real, historical basis for the poem. I would love to know what it is.
Well, I am thinking but I'm not sure if I have the right "bows" to tie up the loose ends, but I can say this writing makes me think of a kingdom poetically envisioned by J.R.R. Tolkien. Regardless, the moral of the story is both classic and timeless - even with a bit of whimsy thrown in for good measure.
I'd describe your writing as exquisite! Wow! Your thoughts flow seemlessly and your words and pictures are wonderful! This is so very, very good!
A very captivating poem, with a thought-provoking end that turns the reader into an (in my case, uncertain) participant. Hope you will reveal the background once the results are out?
Very powerful words telling a wonderful story.
Well done. This was superb writing.
Very well done. I am truly left hanging and hungering for answers, no doubt your intent!
Ah! Lovely! So well done and mysterious and beautiful. I am enthralled.
Nothing to add. I too enjoyed it very much.
Delightful story in verse--kudos!
What defines a Master?

This piece is all the definition i need!

My experience thus far as a writer, (being still in its infant stage) limits me from critiquing a Master Poet.

Yet I know when I am intrigued, captivated and thorughly satisfied by what I read!

This poem has done all of these. Thank You.

A winner in my eyes.
The words you choose and their placement simply amaze me!
(I think it's called flow :D )
Wow... what an intriguing story! A clever ruse, indeed. This wonderful poem reminds me of the epic poetic story-telling of Browning and Tennyson... truly a masterful achievement!
Jackie... congrats on your Editor's Choice award with this super "Bedtime Story"!!
Congrats on your EC. Very well deserved!
So glad to find this wonderful creative poem on the EC list! Congratulations--very well deserved!!
So glad to see this on the EC list. Well done!
Congratulations! You wrote a fine piece worthy of recognition.
Congratulations on your EC placement with this fun and intriguing read. The flow, rhymes and story appeared to be effortlessly written--good job.