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Weather it was intended or not as foreshadowing, I knew immediately where this was going from the first stanza onward. I couldn't nor did I want to stop reading. Simply profound.
What a chilling time your poem recalls. Anne's message still lives on despite wars and rumors of wars. Very good work on this!
I was thinking Anne Frank on the onset. When I finished, I read it again because I found this so stirring. Excellent job with this sad and horrific piece of history.
Very powerful and so important to let the future know of the past.
Boy, I haven't read that diary in years, but I must do so again-thanks for the well-written reminder of how easily an evil man can draw in supporters. We need to be on guard for what is to come. Thank you-great submission.
What a powerful message. You skillfully laid it on our modern front porch. Oh, if only the world would hear.
Strongly argued. Filled with wisdom. Well done.

Lovely. Just... lovely.
The Diary of Anne Frank. Wow!

What a moving reminder of a horrendous time in our history.

Thank You for a great piece!