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This was a GREAT piece. I love you take on the word "pen"! Your writing was very descriptive and easy to visualize, and the characters were very realistic. Loved it!
Brilliant! Proves that "Davids" can win!
LOL, choking on my morning oatmeal as I got to the very end and 'got it'. I was waiting for Florrie to write some powerfully vicious letter so the pen you used really caught me off guard. Love that!
Very cute and engaging and oh so out-of-the-box creative!
I really enjoyed reading this story! Nice job!
Very clever treatment that will "sty" in my mind for some time. Poor Benjamin got a taste of new (s)wine. Thoroughly good reading.
She who laughs last laughs best, as you have clearly shown. Great writing.
This really is fantastic. I enjoyed it thoroughly!
Terrific plot twist, and surprise use of "pen"! Loved it!
So, so very cleverly and entertainingly written.
Very clever, both the story and Florrie.
Oh so clever! You kept us thinking in the wrong direction right till the end and then came up with an absolutely inspired twist. Really good.
OH my! LOL! This was great! ...and how resourceful Florrie was! We raised hogs for years, there's nothing like the smell. Love this!
Patty, I found you!! Great job!!
Very creative...and interesting--a delightful twist
Heehee...glad Florrie won. Served that Shackleford right! I was wondering exactly what she'd do to win him. Good one!
I like how you set up for the ending. I knew the wind would have something to do with it, but the exclusive pen community still caught me by surprise. YOu did a good job of taking what everyone thought was the ending (cuz of the topic) and added a great pen pun.
Oh so clever! Awesome ending. Most creative and unique take on the topic. I loved it.
Didn't see it coming--and that's the sign of a great story! Wonderfully done.
Amen to above comments. Fresh and interesting approach to the subject. It should do very well.

Well I guess there's not much to add. All of the previous comments have pretty much "penned" in all of the wonderful attributes to this great story.

Florrie is a gal after my own heart!
The work of a Master for sure!
Brilliant idea to bring in the hog! God must have answered the prayer, Lord, give me wisdom and strength to slay this Goliath! I particularly like the scene you painted of what's at the site for three generations, the winter sled rides, summer picnics ... those are certainly precious. The ending had me put a smile on my face with the S-word! LoL (",)
This should be a winner in my book. What creativity!
Haha! I loved it! Your ending made me chuckle.

I was saddened thinking about real life and how so much beautiful land has been taken over for housing and retail developments, and I wish that wasn't the case. But your character's solution to the problem was brilliant and oh so funny! :)