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Such truth, indeed. "Do they know..." very thought-provoking!
Super! Whenever I hear an exclamation of this type, I pray that the speaker will hear his own words and realize Whose name he just called on. A beautifully written heart-plea to God.
Oh, I like this.... The "Good God, Sweet Jesus" lines work on multiple levels and give the whole entry a lot of depth.
I especially like how each paragraph concludes with "We know!" And this sentence, "Do they know praise never returns to him wasted?" left me with a lot to think about. Thanks for expressing this!
I've always thought that people who use these phrases ARE really recognizing the hand of the Almighty in their lives, even though they don't know that's what they are doing! I enjoyed this very much.
How often have I thought these very same thoughts. People saying things out of rote - stringing words together, because they seem to fit, yet are clueless to the meaning behind them. Words have power; and although it might be debated if they are lessened by rhetoric, to those who sincerely listen that power is not diminished - it only reveals the speaker for who they truly are.
It truly makes one think. Good job.