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I enjoyed this. Very good dialogue and description -- brought me into feeling like I was with the teacher in her class, and was very well done. One VERY minor thing I personally missed as a reader, was some sort of clue as to the age of the teacher's students near the top, but it works without knowing that also. It's just something I personally wanted to know about halfway through the story and started re-reading up near the beginning to try and figure it out. Once you started mentioning a quarter as a reward, that defined them as pretty young though, so that helped clear it up once I got that far.
This was a fun look at the difficulties faced by a sub. I liked her creativity !
Having two adult children who are grade school teachers, I can relate to this. She had a very novel way of getting their attention. It won't work again though... not with those kids. Good stuff Ali, I enjoyed reading this. Well done.
I loved the talking to the wall part. I burst out laughing as I pictured this scene. good job.
I liked the line about proof in the wastebasket and her shoe! Classic!
The teacher was brilliant to think of talking to the wall-great story!
As a former sub, I can really relate. Loved the talking to the wall and closing desk chair remark. Well done!
Liked your very realistic diaglogue and you had me feeling like I was the teacher. Especially like you saying Good Night to Mr. Desk Chair!
Exactly why I don't sub. You had some very creative ideas however. Good job!
Great humor in this piece. I liked it... I have a fogged head due to a cold so had to reread the part about the trash can and the shoes... but then I got it! :D
Great story and very realistic to what a sub goes through. I am an 18 year veteran elementary teacher and this scene is all to common in grade school classrooms with subs and with student teachers. You really captured it well! Great job!
I enjoyed the whole day. :) Love the "talking to Mr. Wall" and other inanimate objects.. :) Well done!!