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This is too funny-and too true!

Attitude gets in the way of reality. (Guilty)

This should be a winner in my eyes!
What a fun voice this guy has - and a great message.

I stumbled a bit when you had your MC "talking for the Lord." It felt stilted to me.

This must have been fun to write. THanks!
Hmph! Talk about an attitude problem!
Good use of the topic. Well done.
An entertaining read. I would hate to admit I've ever talked to God like that but...

Good job!
This is so great. Have you been peeking in my prayer journals? Sometimes it's so easy to think I know best. You did a great job of showing your message, not just telling it.
This was fun to read... with a serious message, of course. (If the narrator thinks a mission trip would be a fun vacation... oh, would she be surprised when she got there!) Good job.
Hits the nail on the head, regarding our at times prideful attitudes. Fun read with a serious message. Good job!
Good job of showing how hard it is to defeat jealousy.
Many times in our lives we need to check our attitudes. Great job on showing our human tendencies. Hey, now I'm hungry for that taco.
so. real, so true, so funny. Have had similar discussions. Well writtten too, great pace. Loved the voice and character. God bless.
This sounds like a lot of our senior saints - "I can do that - no one asked me!" Great title, and a good, lighthearted read.
What an excellent sermon you preached through your wonderful character. Great story.