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Fun read, made me chuckle.
Oh Wow! What talent...and imagination...and humor. I wish I'd written it. Hmph!
Rock-solid poetry, yards of fun! A pleasure to read!
LOVE it. SOOO much! So cute and clever, with the best rhymes of all time.
So much fun to read and so amazingly true too!
I so admire people who can almost write a novel in poetry. This was amazing, and I chuckled all the way through, especially when I read, A Humph released from high-brow lips.
She spewed her cup of tea,
Cause what she thought was chisel marks
Was pigeon graffiti.

A thoroughly enjoyable read.
Very nicely written! A story within a poem that shows what it means to go with trends rather than what's practical and nice.
What a fun read! Poor Sam, still didn't get his award
Agree with the comments above, plus enjoyed the messages in the poem much -- how getting eyes on "winning" and impressing peers, diverted these people from all the beauty they had and were walking with, if they'd just opened their eyes to see it.
This is delightful. Loved the line about pigeon graffiti. Words just seem to flow from your fingers.
There you go again! Woo Hoo!
Another poetic gem. Congrats again!
I always thought the expression was "you who!" until I saw it written by others.. but I write it like the above! YOU WHO?? BETH THATS WHO!!!!!!!!!! Yippee .. I read this and LOVED it.. . :)
I'll say it again--you are simply an artist with words. What a gift the Lord has given you! I am a wee bit envious, I'll admit, but in the process THOROUGHLY ENTERTAINED!

Great job as usual!
Congrats, Beth, on EC!
Only a Iowa farm girl that had to pick up rocks from a corn field would poke fun a paying 10 cents a pound for something so grand and beautiful as a rock! Great fun to read: I have a few of those neighbors too; I just don't let them walk on my mole hilled infested vestige of a yard. Pigeon calling cards!! I have a barn full of them with no return address.
I could just see the horrified Garden Clubbers..giggle!
Congratulations, Bethy!
Congratulations on your EC!!!!
"Stonehenge in repose..." Love it! You are so amazingly creative. Many congratulations!
LOL...Great! Congratulations on your win!
Pure fun! Congratulations on your EC!!
A belated congrats on your EC, Beth. You make this look so effortless and each idea is so unique. What a beautiful gift you have and how much pleasure it gives all your readers!