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I read all the way through looking for the name that was so horrendous. I think I missed it. But it was a fun read anyway.
I'm dying to know the name, too! Fun story!
Meanie! I am thinking something like Jezebel or Ursula?

Great story!
A very enjoyable read
Awww, how horrible can a name be?

I liked how you tied up all the loose ends to a resolved conclusion.
You did a great job of propelling the reader. I was anxiously awaiting the revelation of the name. :) I was imagining "Jezebel" or "Rahab" too. You brought a smile to my lips. :)
I can't for the life of me think of anything wrong with Ruth Ann. I know some lovely ladies named Ruth, and of course there is Ruth of the Bible, now she was definitely a sweetie. But, we don't know if your real name actually is Ruth Ann. All that aside, this was well written with a mysterious air about it. Might have to thump you though for leaving us hanging :-)
I like both names- Elaine was my mom's name and Ruth Ann, although it might be considered olf-fashioned is still a very nice name, but you touched my heart with your story. All my life people have misspelled or mispronounced my name so I can empathize. Well- written and quite interesting.
Well, all I can say, is that, if your real name IS Ruth Ann, then I personally think it's a FANTASTIC name. But I'm kind of biased. You see, MY name is Ruth Anne, with an added "e". :-) But I've never heard of anyone making a bad comment about it, except for my obnoxious older brothers, who took great joy in calling me "Ruthie" when I was a kid, knowing I hated that version of the name. When I became saved, 18 years ago, and started reading the Bible, and found Ruth there, she (along with Esther), became a great heroine of mine. And I so love the way she left her own land and country and followed God, sheltering under His Wings. At any rate, your story's a great read! :-)