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You've got the teen vernacular down pat! Her voice was so real. And what a tough decision to be in. I'm glad Mom let God lead, and thanked Him at the end.
Yes, it definitely sounds like a true-to-life story. Good job on that.
I enjoyed the true-to-life story and the realistic dialog. Very authentic feel.
I agree, you did get the teenage voice!
I would love to hear more of their story.
LOL, Leah! I hadn't stopped by Masters, or I would have commented a lot earlier. This was totally inspired...I mean, really, what an AWESOMELY WONDERFUL idea for a story. Love the characters' names, the name of the movie--you have the Best. Muse. Ever.

This was extremely aggravating. I really wanted to slap her down. Oh, yeah, you got the voice just right! LOL
Definitely reminds me of arguments with my daughter when she was a teen. Great job on the dialogue. Moms want to be able to talk to their kids and not lose them to the world.
This is such good dialogue, I bet you'd get A+++ for it in dialogue class. :-) Seriously, I know from your hint you didn't expect the above response, but you did an awesome job with the dialogue, and that made the characters leap to life. I'll keep working, hoping to get the hang of dialogue this well EVENTUALLY.
Great true life story and great dialogue. I felt like I was both the mom and the daughter!
This is like peeking into a real family's window. Arguments like that happen all the time at my house. Your mother handled the situation exactly right.
Yes, I recognized this scenario immediately! You deserve a gold star from Jan, for sure! :)
Spot on teenage dialogue. Scenario probably all too real for many raising teens at this time. Well written.
This is no joke. Very good. the underlying emotions are strong, real and moving. A very real presentation. I appreciate great dialogue. Super job advancing plot and developing characters with conversation. Overall GREAT. God bless.
What they said. :o) And.... great story! I didn't ever have the guts to take my daughter to a questionable movie... hmmm.... definite food for thought.
Okay, this is simply marvelous. :-D And it never crossed my mind to have Tina TAKE her to the movie! Brilliant twist! And I'd give you an A+ on the assignment. ;)
I especially liked the realism in your story. Your characterization of the mother and daughter are both spot-on. I applauded the mother's decision.
"Since when did you ever use the word sanctimonious?" lol Favorite line. I can't add anything to what the others have said so great job! The dialogue is indeed realistic and I hope I can learn to write like that.
You definitely have the talent for writing. I hope you will use it for God's glory. Great submission. Teenagers never change from one generation to another, do they? But our God is the same. God bless.