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How surrealistically real! :) I didn't want to like this, but I couldn't help it. It has just the right level of quirk and strangeness, never going over the edge into silly. I was uber intrigued. This took talent. Kudos!
LOL....I have often seen the morpheek effect....very creative piece here. Must have taken great restraint to keep from being too clear.
This is so great. I can't believe you got so many terrific lines in under 750 words. A true master.
Wow.. this whole piece is brilliant!
A true masterpiece. I can't add anything to what has already been said, except my kudos.
I had to sit still for a minute and see if I wanted to laugh, or go "ooohh..." Mainly just ended up blinking, in a good way. Awesome creativity and amazing control of the language.
I truly enjoyed the wild ride you carried us on in your morphine state. What a clever way to tell a story!
Your opening line was perfectly dreadful. And yet so incredibly appropriate for the rest of this bizarre tale. I loved it. And I appreciated the reference to Mozambeek too
This made me smile, "like rams pretending to graze while they drool-fully gazed at freshly sheered ewes." I enjoyed this cleverly written (under-the-influence) story. You have a lot of great lines and a message too!
LOVED the dialogue... it was natural and the plays and puns were wonderful. I "think" I caught the significance of the last line... intentional play? Or not?