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Poor Julie! Good job describing her hectic morning, and making us want to befriend IdaMae, too. Great characterization! I don't get the ending, though - how "taking a hint from her [busy] family" would help her "be still before the Lord". I enjoyed your writing, but I feel like I'm missing something here. Maybe I need to read deeper? :)
Great characterization. I loved the frantic realization that even her schedule was booked solid. I was so looking forward to her day alone until that point.

Great reminder at the end that we need to practice listening to God.
I loved IdaMae and that was very cute how you ended with the practice line.
You have a great message packaged carefully inside your story--after you've laid the groundwork so well for the lesson's need. Well done.
A very interesting story. I felt like I was right in the park learning the lesson along with Julie. Great writing.
This is such a clever storytelling way to express your (much needed) message as well as address the challenge topic. I think it is brilliant.

Thank you, too, for leaving a comment on my little "Diligence" story. It was a delight to find you had stopped by. Hugs, friend!
Very well crafted. Even though you painted a picture of extreme busyness, you also painted one of extreme love and brightness in the midst. A great message also.
Your characters are wonderful. This theme has been done several ways this week, but I love your descriptive detail and pacing. Lovely.
What a picture you paint of many families ragged. You have certainly made a valid point. Well done.