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Very touching and heart wrenching to see one suffer so. I would have liked to see the patient have the courage to ask for guidance of receiving his salvation though. :)
You turned a lonely ugly death into something beautiful. I have terrible death phobias and could identify with the MC, I loved how the sister never gave up.
My heart went out to him and I was so relieved that he chose Jesus before it was too late. It definitely drew me in.
The superb writing in this lonely, sad story drew me into the moment. I felt like I was in that hospital room witnessing your MC's pain. So glad his sister's song spoke to him in such a powerful way. Great way of wrapping the scene up in hopefulness.
What a credible depiction of the swirling uncertainty and anxiety going through your MC's mind. I like how Charlotte's gentle approach gave him room to respond to God's grace. A couple of missing hyphens were a minor detraction early in the piece, but great work overall.
Lovely story. Thank you!
Very moving!