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Oh, how fun! I swear I hear M&Ms calling to me after that. Love the connection to Gone With the Wind as well.
Totally clever - and I love the title. I've never tried talking to my food to help me diet - could work - Dialoguing with Dinner...
Get thee behind me mashed potatos!
I really enjoyed this - very very unique.
Why Starlet you've birthed a funny story, You know I don't know 'nuthin bout eatin' them M&Ms. Clever, clever, clever!
I can't believe you haven't had more comments. This was a work of art. (Okay, so maybe it was modern art!) But I adored it and insisted that my family read it.
Wow, Beth, congrats on your highly commended award and Editors Choice placing!

Have you checked the ranking on the boards?
Marvelously clever and out of the box. This was a blast to read, so it HAD to be fun to write. Loved it. Seriously. Congrats on your EC!