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Well written story with an unexpected twist. I didn't guess the special day was his. Good job!
Classic. I'm approaching the "old married" couple status myself. It's great when you get to this place in marriage where you can't get mad at their forgetfulness. Just love 'em through it. Classic story.
Ahh -- so many husbands fall into your MC's category. Great writing! I couldn't wait to get to the end ot find out what the occassion was all about.
This would be something my husband would do! Thanks I needed a giggle today!
What a kicker to close with! Absolutely brilliant build-up. Though on second thoughts it may cause some sweeping summaries of our gender. Some of us have powerful memories - like mine. I simply can't recall the last time I forgot anything! Great job.
Great story, I was truly surprised at the end.
I thoroughly enjoyed this. An excellent build-up to a satisfying climax
Donna, congrats on placing 11th in the Level 4!

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