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Well, I'd say you picked the right title:) I was ready to have him find out he threw the wrong ring in the river:( Oh well. lol.
What a fun romance. I'm guessing it lasted years and years! I enjoyed this Valentine's special "ohhh" story. I was ready to throw him in with the ring. Great job on the topic.
Phew! Would have worked great on the this challenge. Great writing for my learning curve. Thanks.
I'm glad this little romantic episode ended positively. My husband liked to joke and play pranks, but when he found out that I was on the serious side, he toned it down, fearing he would lose me in the end. I don't think I would have liked to have the kind of pranks this lover pulled. But all in all, I enjoyed the story...Good writing...Helen
I loved the groom getting his! It was easy to follow,lighthearted and great fun!
Ahh, very fitting title! You illustrated well how some pranksters cross the line from funny to mean. Jim was lucky she was more forgiving that I would be, lol. Entertaining story. Nicely done!
If Margaret can go through with it after that, I'd say their marriage has a good chance of success. And those groomsmen? How many pranks have those guys endured through the years, do you think? Payback!! Fun story, good job.