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Really fun poem and I wish I hadn't read's too close to lunch time :)
Too close to bedtime! Cute poem!
Fun! What a relief for the MC -- to know the diet was still intact! The food sounded scrumptious!
Is this a case of "food for thought" - or "thought for food?" Good fun stuff.
I loved your surprise at the end. :) This is perfectly written (meter, rhyme, and thought). it made me hungry! :)
I've dreamed about food while on a diet, so i really identified with this wonderful piece. And Southern cooking sounds like my kind of feast.
A+ all the way.

Delicious words and rhyme. Loved the ending. :)
I'm getting ready to go to a potluck at lunch...good timing.
Visions of your poem will run through my head!!
But stick to my diet, I must instead.
You make everything sound absolutely delicious.. nice rhyme and a fun easy read.
Oh, to have such dreams and to know that is only what it was - a dream : ) Unfortunately, at times at least, the first stanza are more the reality for me. Loved the way you put this into words.
Cute piece! I do believe I'll be trying to eat light today...!
Perfect title. :) I would never be able to eat all that! The ending was a wonderful relief. Nicely-written poem. Were you hungry when you wrote it? ;)
By the way, the almond coffee (mmmmmm!) is my favorite part! Makes me want to go brew a pot!
What fun! I love the ending to this "dieter's nightmare". But now I'm hungry. :)
Funny! Loved all the food descriptions, oh that would make me sick! Glad it was just a dream ;-)