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This had me laughing and laughing. The POV is great--love his cowering cave. Too funny. (I read it a couple of times, and found more to laugh at each time.)
Grrrreat, fun story. If the garage was big enough and you advertise, you could make a bundle by charging a "brotherhood" fee ;) Well done.
I'm in awe of all of you in the Masters level. You're just so darn good and hysterical.

I love starting my day with a hearty chuckle.

I thought when you used the word proved that it would sound better as have proven, but when I looked it up both variants were in the dictionary.

So, I declare it a perfect story. Thank you for my giggle.

Great job.
Wow! Somehow I felt guilty as I read this and kept glancing at my husband. Hope he has better thoughts...who knows? Just great, strong and creates a reaction.
I somehow suspected this was written by a woman. They have insights even we men overlook. Thanks for some very clever and workable ideas : )
This was fun from beginning to end. I just hope my husband doesn't feel this way! (You don't think that's why he's taken up bowling two nights a week, do you? Hmmm... :) Great job!
You always ALWAYS have lines in your stories that draw me in. Either intense or funny. This time around I liked the one about forehead smackin' genius and this one topped it off for me: The only time my mouth didnt possess a Tums was when I held the sacraments of communion in it.

great job as always.
Oh wow, I certainly hope I'm not that bad:) Poor guy, I almost felt sorry for him, but behold - NO! When he experiences what a woman does, then maybe;)
This was hilarious! I liked the "forehead smackin' genius." :) Hope he cleared things up with his wife though so that he didn't HAVE to hide. Very humorous writing!
Absolutely hysterical!!! I loved the "forehead smackin' genius!" That's a good one!
Great entry! I had to laugh at, "What I needed was a man tent." Love this!
You've clearly demon-strated that growing old together is both a mystery and an adventure. I enjoyed your self-deprecating style and, if this proves to be your last entry, I'd be honoured to conduct your funeral!
Once again - you have outdone yourself. Excellent.
Congratulations on your well-deserved EC! Very well done!!
Ohhh girl you crack me up! I also laughed at the above comment that said she read it to her husband and he thought it was a documentary. LOL :-) I envy the talent you have to draw in the reader. This had so much wit. Every husband really does need his man cave. :-)
What a masterpiece! You had me laughing from beginning to end. Congratulations on your well-deserved EC!