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Sounds like a typical day for a mom. Very funny story. I love your sound affects and especially love your Calgon moment. We can all use one of those from time to time:)
Ahhh, the joys of motherhood. Good story, easy to visualise. Well done.
And can you add me to your no-knock list, I hollered after them before they got to their car. You do have one dont you? If not you should.I must try and remember that one next time they come calling at my place :-)
A terrific take on domestic bliss, and proof that the worst part about patience is having to wait so long to experience it. I also enjoyed the "date with Calgon" and the "don't knock" register.
Ah, yes -- life in the 'burbs. Well done. I could smell the macaroni boiling over, feel the steam coming out of your ears, and the sweet oblivion under the Calgon-scented bubbles. Thank you.
Such a good real-to-life story.I have a knack for dealing with customer service when no one else in my family can get through to them. That made me smile even more. It's nice to know I'm the "Queen" of something others have difficulties with. Your story made me feel special. It was well-written and I giggled throughout.
Great story. Having worked for telephone company, I know how great an urge it may be for readers to dial the number. Hope it's not yours? Or anyone's? Ever notice the 555-numbers used in movies? Safer.
Very good Grrr
A segment for one of the reality shows for sure. Certainly not your "Leave it to Beaver" households. But, you made it so enjoyable to read. I agree with one of the commenter regarding using a number other than 555 for a telephone number. The use of a number that could be actual broke my train of thought for a moment.
Ah, so true. Sometimes, everything seems to happen at once... and I hate being on hold. I enjoyed this--good job!
Great story! But in reality, is the husband really going to be so understanding? (I am not married, only going on what I have observed)
This was "you must be stalking me" good. ROFL. Felt you pain, thoroughly. Btw~my friend has a bath pillow that reads 'Leave Me Alone'...I want one, too. Tee hee, awesome story.
Ha ha your sound effects!
Congratulations on your Highly Commended placing, Marita!! Three cheers!!!
LOL, Mari! Terrific entry here. Congrats on your Editor's Choice placing!
Proving, once again, that you are an amazing writer, able to perfectly describe the craziness we go through on a daily basis. Congrats on your win. :)
I absolutely love this story, and I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!!
Congratulations on your EC! Cute story!