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Not sure if it's safe for a male to comment, for your title could give many 'men a pause.' Despite that, a good light touch on the block that hits us all at times.
Grrr, I do believe I have her twin sister here with me! Fun story, well done.
I loved this. What an original idea. It kept me smiling the whole way through.
Very creative take on the theme! Loved the story, the writing, the dialog -- and your wonderful muse. Seems like I know her, too!
Oh yes, it takes one to know I'm aware.
Fresh and lively and on topic. Love it.
I like this muse! Very creative take on the topic.
I thought that was a clever idea - I don't appear to have muse like Tom or Minnie! I like the thought of muses needing a break. Well done.
This certainly brings a new meaning to the phrase when life delivers you a bowl of lemons, make some lemonade :)

And, being, on occasion, on the other end of this theme, I especially liked this line:
Well, lets just say that a woman of a certain age can be challenging for males--even male muses--to deal with.

Great job.
I LOVE this! You had me from the first word. I smiled, and even laughed a little, as I read this. Great writing, and right on topic! Great job!
Amusing! Hey, all this time I've been writing without a muse. Where do you sign up for one! Great story - loved your approach on the topic.
Very creative take on the topic! This was fun to read from beginning to end. Loved the concept, loved the characters... well done!
This is a WINNER if I ever read one! Loved it from beginning to end!
What a GREAT entry!!! It was comical without overdoing it. I loved it!
What fun! Wonderful story, thoroughly enjoyed it.
I enjoyed this very much and I love your creativity with Minnie! :)
I loved it.
Oh my this was good! Loved it from beginning to end!