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I know who wrote this one! lol. I'm out of breath singing and walking with you:)
Your story illustrates beautifully the difference in attitude that music and worship bring. I love it.
Dee, this was awesome! Goes to show you just never know;)Congrats on your 1st place EC!
No wonder you placed first! This is so incredible and so true to life. I love it.
02/11/10 this, Dee! What a wonderful example of God's victories in our lives!
Congrats, Dee! A well-written article and I can definitely relate!
Congratulations on a well-deserved win. I think I'm going to read your story before exercising to help get me in the right frame of mind. Well done.
You brought me into worship with this piece. Congratulations!
Fantastic! Congratulations on a well-deserved win :)
This piece just flows upward, rising with the prayers and spirit of the MC! Outstanding and well deserving of 1st place!
Dee, this is just A+, so there's no question why it won top EC. Just great use of the topic. Congrats!
Wow! What a title AND a story! This is so creatively written! Super congrats on 1st place EC!!!!
Congratulations my friend! Whoop! I can see why you won with this one -- it took me for a ride down "Been there, done that!' lane. lol! Kudos to ya girlie!
Big Congrats, Dee. Great piece. You give me inspiration. :)
This is so had me laughing and crying all at the same time... I loved the part about the note of encouragement from your hubby... and the part about all the prayers for your friends!!! I love the whole entire thing. Congrats on a very well deserved first place, both in your level and Editor's Choice. Awesome!!!
Lisa J.
This is very original and special. I loved the way you brought some FW names (I think) into it, so cute. Congrats!
This is wonderful, Dee, and I can relate so well! Congratulations on your 1st place EC! I'm so proud of you!
Congrats Dee!! I knew you'd tame that Beast! Woot!
Way to go on your first place, Dee. So proud of you...and NOW you know why you have a fan club.
You rock, girl!
Congratulations, Dee! I don't face your beast, but the cure is the same for mine.
Congratulations, Dee! What a beautiful story, with wonderful humorous touches and even some familiar names! Very well done!!
I am a proud member of the Dee Yoder fan club...and this story reminds me why since it is sooo Dee-ish. Congrats!
This was really good! I loved all the different ways you addressed the beast
Oh Dee, you are so precious. This is so good and I love the voice. Congratulations on your win dear one. God bless you. I too face the pitfalls of getting going and exercising. Your answer of praise, prayer and worship music overcoming the MC's problem and taming the beast is powerful.
We each need to be reminded that our battles are won through submission, prayer and praise. As we let our lives become tools of worship we can please the Lord and "Overcome." Praise God. Love ya!
Love it!