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Oooh! You've terrified me! That really freaked me out! Full marks for keeping me in suspense all the way through, but that ending!!! 'Scuse me while I just nip home to sort out the book case!
Sorry. Fully recovered now. Forgot to say very well written.
Shades of Frank Peretti!
I want to hear more.
You had me on the edge of my seat! The suspense, fear factor and general feeling of "oogyness" was great. This has potential for a much longer story, well done.

Well done suspense for bringing "demonic activity" into the house.
Excellent. What a lesson you have depicted so clearly, illustrating that challenging verse from 1 Peter. The message has really stuck with me. Well done.

Oooh, goose pimply goodness...definite chill factor. I was enthralled with each scene change, desperate for her to listen to her husband. Excellent writing, as always.
Wow! All I can say is it's just getting dark and I'm all alone in the house; now I've got the creeps. Excellent story. I swear something is lurking behind my back. I'm going to turn on all the lights. You certainly convinced me that evil does exist.
Fantastic writing.
WOW. . . .
This was very well written and suspenseful...loved how you formatted it
A frightening piece! The message gets across pretty clear of the trouble we are inviting with false teaching. You have successfully captured the fear within, and gripped the hearts of the readers. Personally, I'll prefer a closure that is less disconcerting, but on the whole you did very well in drawing the readers to the crux of the story and the meaning behind.
I also thought of Frank Peretti... spiritual evil made flesh, so to speak. Very suspenseful, very well done!
An excellent message with a brilliant last paragraph