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Dry and boring, indeed! LOL! The lecturer in the story, not the story itself. The story was quite satisfying. Great job.
Okay, don't shoot me, but I was actually interested in what the lecturer was saying. I've only been out of college for seven months, and I was an English major!

Great concept for the prompt!
Great entry for "Huh." I hardly understood a thing until the end, which I enjoyed. I'm 5'6" and this was a 6'4" story. :)
His thoughts were way over my head, but your writing and take on the topic were top notch. Well done!
Bravo to your character for recognizing that the problem was not with her own intelligence! And good for you for pointing out the two ladies who were ready to compliment, but without understanding.
I taught Great Expectations for seven years to vastly disinterested ninth graders; I really did my best to make them see those delightful characters, but, alas, they weren't ready for Dickens. I loved the novel, and I loved this story --every word. Wonderful take on "Huh."
Loved the name of Dr. Dry and Boring. He sure was! I'm glad the mc didn't let the well educated, arrogant speaker dim his love for Dickens. Nice job!
Your entry is perfect for "huh?"! I love how you constructed this, and your title is great!
Great opening paragraph and I enjoyed the sensitive mc voice.
I could just picture my brain going to sleep and the "duh" moment blinking its warning. Great job, so well done with great, creative insight.
Witty, smart, creative, and spot on topic. Loved the MC, and especially the ending. Incredible writing.