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Oh, the fun of camp pranks....NOT! entry!
VERY funny! But not so funny for the poor Methodist preacher...SO, I surmise that Methodits and Baptists don't mix. Well, they DO-- sometimes. My mother was brought up strict Methodist, and my father was a Baptist...'nough said....My score is Methodist 3; Baptists 3. The mixture in my case produced 6 kids!!!...Great reading...Helen
We had lots of fun at campmeeting when I was young--but never anything as great as this. I love the descriptions and the humor in your story--beginning to end.
Very funny. Having sat on those old outhouse seats at church camp, I can only imagine the gushing water spraying up from underneath. Total yuck.

Great voice for this piece.

I loved this piece, especially the ending remark about baptism. Too funny!
A delightful, amusing story. I felt that the joyriding episode detracted somewhat from the central theme of baptism and might better have been omitted. But nevertheless an apt insight into camp meetings of a bygone era and the humour that accompanied all of the serious stuff.
LOL! Too much fun. My Baptist church is next door to the Methodist church so this "rivalry" struck a familiar chord. Love it. :)
Having been the only United Methodist at many all Catholic and again the lone Methodist at the Baptist Church, I have empathy for the poor minister. But boy was it funny! My dad used to play the prank of outhouse tipping. A miscreant would tip an outhouse over on the door; leaving the only exit being the seat's hole. This story will qualify if an eeww topic comes up! It was delightfully told. I could picture my dad telling a similar story. He was quite the storyteller in his day, so that is a compliment.
I would have said delightful, but "Oops", guess that's not quite the right description! Great writing as usual!!
Super writing and hilarious throughout. Well done!
Loved this, so funny!
My dad used to tell about outhouse tipping, also.
Masterfully written, of course! I can't believe this actually happened. Humiliating. Wow. I think I would have died right then and there.
A fun read. That poor guy probably never went to another camp. Great ending. Patty
At first I thought we might become "immersed" in theological debate. I also wondered about how the car theft related overall, but I desperately need to know if the good reverend was "flushed with success!"
What a fun story. This reminds me of the Baptist preacher comedian, Grady Nutt, who said, "The word baptize actually means: Put 'em under 'till they bubble."

Great telling of a funny story. The fact that this actually happened makes it even funnier. Good job.
Very funny! Nicely done :)
Oh, so funny!

I felt mildly distracted by the incident with the car in the middle of the story; it didn't seem to fit in.

Your writing is always so excellent--I got a huge kick out of this, particularly the visual in the last several paragraphs. Hilarious!
A couple of you mentioned that the car incident was disracting to the story. The reason I included it was because the topic was "oops" and the young man driving the "borrowed" car tried to convince his dad that he mistook the minister's car for the famly car. He used the word "oops" in his apology. It was just another of the unfortunate oopses that involved the visiting Methodist minister. The topic was not about baptisms but about oopses. But thank you all for your comments.
I read this entry because of the title. Enjoyed it. A minor bobble here and there but otherwise very good. p.s. I was raised Methodist.