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Wow. The fantastic pacing, perfectly placed repeated phrases, and the tragic authenticity of this story give it a very literary feel. Loved it.
What a heart breaker! I don't like how mommy fixed this "oops", but I do like how you wove that theme through her memories.
Chilling. You did a great job of weaving the past and present together with your "mommies can fix anything" line.
Absolutely chilling--I read it with growing horror and the realization of why the vacuum motif was being repeated. Masterful use of foreshadowing. Heartbreaking story, written exceptionally well.
Powerful story. I found it somewhat confusing at first read,but I did understand what was happening.
Congratulations on your first place, Sheri. This is gripping and extremely well-written.
Wow Sheri. This is amazing and intensely horrifying as you begin to understand what's happening. Great flow and piecing of the puzzle. Congratulations, you so deserve your first placing.WELL DONE!! God bless.
Sheri, this entry had me holding my breath and hoping it was not what it turns out to be.
Very strongly written.

Wow extremely powerful entry. Congratulations on a well deserved first place!
Wow! What an amazing pro-life story--vivid and chilling, with an unexpected ending. Very well done--congratulations!
Very well told story. I like how you were able to weave several themes into one short piece. Well done. (I also like seeing the occasional dark piece win.)
Congratulations on your 1st place win and EC! A tragic tale outstandingly written.
so sad. So real. So deserving of any award that can be heaped upon it. Congrats on win. God bless.
Congratulations. I found this story very intriguing, sad and unfortunately, too real. Ruined indeed.
So intense; I could feel something terrible looming. A heartbreaking end. This is an astounding entry. Congratulations on your win. Patty
So heartbreaking and so incredibly sad yet, I fear, so universally common. A brilliant piece of writing. Congratulations on your 3rd place Bob - very well deserved.
Oh, Sheri. Incredibly powerful and masterfully written. Chilling and incredible, and so deserving of your BoB placement. Congratulations.
You skill and creativity used in this story is excellent. Congrats, Sheri, on your best of the best award with this!
Congrats on your win.
Amazing. Congratulations on your BOB placing!
This story should appear in every teen magazine that is published. Excellent writing that led to the realistic conclusion that some things cannot be magically fixed. So glad that this was recognized with a BoB award. Congrats to you.
So graphic and in touch with reality. BOB is very fitting for you, and for this story. Congratulations!
Chilled me to the bone. May this message get out to teens that need to hear it! Also, it really makes me think, as a parent, what sort of subtle attitudes I may be passing on to my children.
Did mommy fix the situation by vacuuming out the fetus?
Then everything is not okay..
Great read...I couldn't resist not leaving a comment ;D
No one is "ruined" in the sight of our God. He is always there to fix and repair all that is broken. Our God is a forgiving God and all that He wants is a heart of repentance. "Judge not or you will be judged". The Bible also warn believers against "self condemnation". What is done is done. It is now okay to move from "Mommy fixes everything" to "God fixes everything".

This story is very well written and congratulations for the award! God bless you and yours (Amen).
Powerfully moving and heartbreaking! I can certainly see why this piece was one of the "Best of the Best"! Well done.

"Nothing can separate us from the love of God"
Whew....I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. What a powerful ending. And what a message.
This is such an intense piece. Wow it has tears in my eyes. As a young teen who got pregnant exactly this way, my heart aches. Thankfully, my choice was different and I have been blessed every single day by her for the last 27 years.
WOW Sheri. Intense. I was there with her. Congrats on your BoB, wish I'd seen it before now. WOW!
This was really good...sad, but good. I don't know if it's a true story, but I could feel the sadness of the young lady...if it is a true story, my heart and prayers go out to you.
Very powerful. I was just shocked at the end. The vacuuming I did not see coming. Very gripping. Made me wonder. Kept me engaged. Was not predictable. Realistic and believable. Made me want to turn the page and read what else happened. Would make a very good prologue to a book.
I literally gasped at the end as I DID NOT see that coming. The mommie at the end of the story seemed to turn into an evil woman. I could almost see her evil smile as she looked down at the daughter.
An unforgettable piece.
Again, very well done.
I don't quite know why Mummy became the villain of the piece since she wasn't in the bedroom with Eric. (LOL)

Enjoyable but sad read which shadows the story of so many young people.