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I really enjoyed this story. Excellent message.

My dad taught my husband how to fish, so this story pulled at my heartstrings, too.

Great wisdom from the dad, and a good voice for the MC.
I love the way this ended - what a wise papa. It took me a couple of paragraphs to realize this was a male MC (I don't know why I thought it was a female). Perhaps a clearer reference to who Amy is to him as he thinks about her in the first paragraph? The descriptions are excellent, and I almost gagged on the worm slime myself. Great story with a really good message.
Your title is great. I enjoyed the entire tale, but especially the surprise ending.
EWWWW! I said out loud as I read about the piece of worm in mouth!

Poor guy-was this a true story?
Wonderful message tucked within this humorously charming story. Loved Amy's father and the voice of the MC.
Worse than eating a worm? I almost didn't dare to keep reading, but the story was too good. It drew me in, worms and all. It is a great lesson. I might try doing that when someone starts dating my daughter. :)
Great dialogue, good details, I could almost smell the fish they didn't catch :) Loved it!
Well told fishing tale!
The poor guy heh heh. I could visualize everything in this story. Characters and dialog were great.
Excellent, Shirley, and I love the double meaning in the title.'re back...and right in style. Great story!
Yep it's a real keeper!
This one pulled me in hook, line and sinker (sorry). Loved the father and his test. Knew Nate was safe as soon as Amy's mother winked at him. Well done on an entertaining tale.
Outstanding. Loved the way you told the story by hearing it with Amy, without taking us thru it in real time. My imagination filled in all the missing details.