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LOL. Really. I found this delightfully funny. Loved the POV, and the last line is great.
Just hilarious. Wonder if it's true? I'm sure it was hard to get lots of things used by people when they first came out, things that we just can't do without. (Well, especially since there are very few catalogs out anymore:)
You make it easy to picture these characters. Fun story!
This had a good flow to it and was interesting to the end.
I don't "get" the end. Is it due to pictures in the catalogue?
I thought this was adorable. The last sentence was priceless from a little boy's perspective.
You painted a vivid picture. Good job. Also, now I appreciate toilet paper.
Very fun! Creative too... how on earth did you think to write about the beginning of toilet paper?? LOL
I guess this shows we all have a "roll" to play in shaping poster(ior)ity.
It's hard to take a "stern" view of this material, for it beautifully conveys the innocence of by-gone days.
I never thought about this--I suppose I'll have to search the internet for the history of t.p.

A riot of a good story and so well done.

ps Noel, did you hear my groan?
Well written and a great ending. Good job!
What a change of pace for you--and absolutely delightful! That last line killed me. Perfect!
I love, love, love this entry. I was one with the characters. You tell the story in such an interesting way and your descriptions are superb.
We've slid a long way down the path of tolerance from those special days.

What a great piece! This flowed well and had an air of authenticity. I especially liked the characterization of the salesman in contrast to Ma.
What fun!

I think the "Oops" at the end was unnecessary because the 'female form' paragraph was so strong on its own.

Thanks for a fun read!
A really excellent read, as all your stories are.
From title to ending a well written and fun story. Loved Ma's character especially.

It brought back memories, but for me it was squares of newspaper instead of a catalogue :-)

Good story, well done.
Ah, I remember those days. Oops, did I just give away my age? The characters were very real, and the dialogue completely natural. Very good job.