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You packed so much into this little poem! Not only is it a study in precise rhyme and rhythm but it has such spiritual truths that make you want to linger and not rush through it. This would make a great laminated bookmark. It has everything it needs -spacing, length, width, everything! Well done! I love this entry!
How true! Just like Paul lamented on how we tend to do what we don't want to do.

Good job-this should be a winner!
As I read this, with every stanza I thought "Guilty. Guilty. Guilty" What a great message! In Christ we are found "forgiven forgiven forgiven."
a solid, solid piece of poetry ... well done
Such a talented writer! It was a wonderful testament to how we as humans keep messing up, but if we keep going to God, He keeps redeeming us.
The only suggestion I would make was in the line:

Each wrong act on my conscience weighed.

I had to read it several times before I figured out act was a noun and not a verb. Maybe if you substituted blunder, or another noun, I might have understood the first time around. I might just be so tired, my brain is a few steps behind the rest of me.
It was a very good poem. Thank you for sharing.

Another master with words! Loved it!
I enjoyed the light-hearted way you presented the failings of humans. . .and then, of course, what to do about it. Great message in this superbly written poem.
Splendid! It touched me so much today. It must be me you've written about. Class Act all the way.

There have already been so many good things said I don't know what to add.

Well written!
Your poem has a wonderful flow to it, and the message is perfect for the topic.
Great flow, greater rhythm, and greatest message. I really liked this. Patty
You word-smithed a masterful poem with a great message! To parrot another commenter: guilty, guilty, guilty - and like your mc, gratefully forgiven.
I loved this. Nice job. There were a couple of lines where I stumbled on the rhythm but not enough to distract from this piece at all. Well done.
Did it...did it...did it...

Excellent poem, simple and sweet.
One can identify. Nice meaningful poem,Verna
Something we can all relate to. Wonderful poem...