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Ouch! It would be hard to shake a reputation like that. Definitely a story that needs more words to develop - seems like much is missing in the background. I would be interested to know more about this couple. Well done!
Stellar job of characterization for flash fiction. Excellent work. I agree with the previous comment. This could be fleshed out to a very strong story.
Oh boy - what an attention grabbing title! Great story of true love and forgiveness.
Awesome creative use of the prompt! I was hooked from the opening line.
I was hooked, too, and I liked knowing some behind-the-scenes reasons for her Black Widow ways. I think this would be a a great story to expand.
This was really good and I agree with the others: only the beginning of a great story. And I loved the title: it was edgy and caught the eye. Yay!
I was drawn by the title and love how your worked it into your story.
It's sad that this goes on in every high school.
You put a lot of emotion into the actions and dialogue. Well done!
I'm going to echo the comments that this was a good story--I wanted more.

My biggest question was, what happened to make Josh want to talk to her again? That jump needed more explanation.

Love the voice, and the whole premise. Any plans for expansion? :)