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This is a great devotional. Good job.
What I love about this devotional is the advice to be honest about our sins to one another. We don't need to spill our guts each time we meet, but nothing opens up discussion and healing more than ONE brave soul willing to be honest about the inside sins that no one else sees. It allows us all to say, "Yes, amen! I know that sin, too." Healing is definitely more desired than a festering wound. You should look for a place to submit this one!
Your devotional here is excellent. The fever-blister analogy to hidden sin is perfectly done. Your Christian humility shines.
This is absolutely supurb! Got to be a winner - for me it is - so there!
Very graphic analogy! So, did you get the job???
You had me hooked right from the start as I can sooo relate. As a child, I was absolutely plagued with cold sores so I felt every single thing you described. Don't get them as much as an adult but all those feelings come rushing right back. Terrific job, Cat.
What a poignant analogy, Cat. I love the transparency of your heart that shone through here. Makes me want to give ya a big hug:) Wonderful writing...
I really liked this. Being plagued since mid teens with severe acne, I can doubly relate to your MC's feelings...but I try to remind myself to focus on the inside sores, where true beauty/ugliness comes from.

The only thing I had with this was, I was left a bit hanging at the end. Did she get the job or was she rushing the Lord's timing? I understand that wasn't the focus of the story in the end, but I was curious ;-)

Thanks for this wonderful piece!
Great devotional. Feaver blisters, I've learned, are an indication of internal stress. Taking Acidolphilus at first sign works promptly to eliminate or reduce the severity. Scripture works the same way to eliminate sin in our life.
Very hard to read, not because of the writing--that was very good--but because of the way I could relate to hiding my sin, and allowing it to fester. It's very hard to open up when we fear peoples reactions.
Very good piece. I find it easier to know that all have sinned and fallen short of God,then confessing that we have sinned should suffice, without revealing the ugliness of the sore. Only the Father can heal it.
I hope she got the job!
Outstanding devotional piece and true transparency that will touch many lives, mine included! A job well done!
Great job using your own experience as the starting point for this well-written devotional. (And have you ever noticed how cold sores always appear at times when you really NEED to look your best?) Well done.
Good devotional!
Great devotional thought Cat. If only we all could be so honest.
Good job, Cat. A great message in this devotional.
Very practical and immediately relevant. You had your readers right there with you, and didn't lose us when you got to the more 'preachy' part. Well done.
I could certainly feel the "Ow" factor here - it blistered the soul. The open, frank honesty was refreshing. This illustrates how, so often, we only look to see the outside of what others are willing to show us. Yet, if we do as Christ asks, and truly love our brothers and sisters, then we go past the facade and see the suffering soul beneath. This strikes a chord of truth on many, many levels. Great job!