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Is there any more rude awakening than a Charley Horse in the middle of the night?
It's a good thing that jumping up and walking around helps...if not the pain would kill you.
I woke up with one in BOTH legs at the same time a couple of months ago, couldn't stand, fell against wall, calling for hubby. Such pain.
I loved this entry. Entertaining and on topic.

Cute! I like the cast of characters!
Adorable! I think I might go get a cup of water to accompany my reading now.
This made me laugh! I hate that Charley Horse character, but I love the way the Body is talkin' to itself. LOL. My biology-minded brain was enjoying the conversation.
That is a one-of-a-kind awesome body. I shutter to hear what mine is aying. Darling piece.
I guessed the commentators were various body parts, very creative, and an inspiring article for us to look after ourselves. I wonder if perhaps the names for the body parts should be female??