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I fail to see the Christian connection anywhere in this entry--sounds like it was written by the devil himself. I thought your "reader discretion" was for fun--really sorry that I was wrong.
The verse that immediately comes to mind is Ephesians 6:12. "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

While the images are extremely disturbing, the warning was given at the beginning. I believe that the Christian connection is that this is the raw truth we must battle everyday.

The New Testament is full of warnings and admonitions to fight the devil and his demons. As Christians we cannot bury our heads in the sand and pretend this type of evil doesn't exist.

While I would not want to read this as a bedtime story, I feel the writing is excellent. I was totally engaged, and it is a reminder that as Christians we must put on the full armor of God and be prepared to do battle, sometimes ugly battle, everyday.

Kudos for taking a risk and stepping way out of the box.
I agree that this article is well written, however, I do not believe that the content of this article is not appropriate for this writing challenge.

I am a Christian who does not hide his head in the sand and am well aware of the evils in the world.

I do not find a Christian message on any level in the kidnapping and torture of a woman by a pychopath.

Totally out of place here. The Challenge Rules say that, "the entry should not be overly sensual OR VIOLENT IN CONTENT."
What were you thinking?
Anyone as creative as this writer proves to be has many other options to have written on topic.
Phillipians 4:8 tells us to think on the list of good, pure things mentioned. Paul didn't give us a blow-by-blow of his prison atocities.
I'm hoping this entry will be removed.

While I agree this is definitely an out-of-the-box treatment of the topic and that these kinds of horrible things do happen in our society, my vote's with Mona.
Lisa is right. I have been in touch with the writer who is feeling bad about the reaction to the entry as well as second thoughts about entering it here.
The writer had been challenged to write from the POV of a bad person, someone very unlike themselves. I think we all agree that it was successful it that manner. In fact, brillantly so.
It may be too disturbing for some of us for this challenge and too violent.
But, the writer has a good heart and tried something different. I make no judgment of the writer, just that the entry is inappropriate here.

I'd like to point out that were this on another touchy topic - drug use, for example, people would not respond as violently.

As a relative of someone who dealt with sexual abuse from her husband, I feel this is yet another example of something people too often dismiss as an issue that is too distasteful and disturbing to address.

I agree this us unusual for the Challenge and may have been a bit much for people. However, I applaud the author for taking the personal challenge to address this issue.
I have serious chills and a sick feeling in my gut. It takes guts to step out of the box in this way, and it takes a talented writer to do it this well. How difficult it must have been for you getting into the head of this "doctor". My hat off you - congrats.
I agree that this is talented writing. And though it is SO offensive to read what a sick person's thinking is, I was not offended that the writer chose to write from this POV. It is chilling to be reminded how such evil exists in this depraved, fallen world. In the end, the story was on topic and well-written.
If you were one of the many people that read this and were shocked, offended, or merely left curious as to the who and why of this piece of writing, you are welcome to read my
Chely, I think you really stepped out of your comfort zone to write this, and you did VERY WELL. It's quite sadistic in nature, and evokes emotion perfectly. As far as writing for the Challenge goes, I think we are just a little more accustomed to some kind of redemption in the writing; some clue to the goodness of God in the midst of evil and sorrow. Perhaps that's why the response has been less than supportive.

Reading yours, I am reminded of Maxx's BOB entry (which Shari pointed me to after the conference) which evokes a lot of the same emotions and probably will disturb the average Christian reader. He did an excellent job of tying hope into his story, and I think yours may also have that potential to do so as well. Think about revising it, and please don't throw away this exercise in stepping out. I think you have learned a lot, and isn't the Challenge about stretching, growing, and receiving feedback on our writing? Thank you for sharing. Seriously. :)
Chely, as always, I'm impressed by your outstanding creative abilities. Now,I'm even more impressed by your willingness to be humble before the Lord. May He bless your giftedness.
It's hard to write from the antagonist's POV. We don't want to enter that part of our mind. Personally, I find it very hard to develop the villians in my stories for that very reason. You certainly pushed beyond the comfortable zone. We know this isn't "you" but just a stretch of your writing skills. You showed the ugly side of this sinful world that we need to reach with the light of God's Word.
I agree it is edgy - but it fits the challenge. I am myself working on a novel that involves kidnapping and sale of children - I have one friend that reads all of my work that refuses to read this one. I was gripped from beginning to end. Thanks for taking the risk.
I couldn't read all of this, (should have taken more notice of the warning.) It is difficult to define where to draw the line. Although such things are common place in the world, for myself when writing, I prefer to hint at such an event, or infer it happened, without showing the disturbing details.
Very disturbing. In my opinion this piece, although well written, doesn't fit the rules for writing challenges. It is very violent in nature.
For a more indepth explanation of this story, you are welcome to read my open letter at my blog.
I agree that this is ugly stuff, but it reminds me of CS Lewis' masterful book "The Screwtape Letters," in which a senior devil intructs his protege in how to develop his skill. Lewis later said that it was his hardest work because he constantly had to refer to God and how he works in totally negative terms.
I'm sure that Lewis also copped some flak, but you are in good company.