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Loved the voice and the atmosphere. Very well done and thoroughly enjoyed.
The first two sentences are a real pull and drew me right into this unique story. I wanted to know the name of the MC and maybe her age. The relationship father/children intriqued me. At times I took it as he was very caring; at other times stern. Maybe it was the hot sauce/teaspoon; I was left wondering about that. Abuse? Taste?
The two kids will probably grow up and marry...

I couldn't quite figure out the age of the two characters either. I liked the part about the fish being left on the plate....sounds familiar. :) Your descriptions are really interesting!
You've given us a great snapshot of life in a child's world, though the intro seemed to point more towards teenage years. I confess to feeling a tad uneasy at what look to be almost flippant references to Jesus' wounds, though I realise that a child may not fully grasp their significance.
I loved the descriptions and the character. I giggled at the end when dad said something about Jesus; reminded me of my dad, although it would have been my mom tending to the wound. I wondered about her mom's role in the family. Good writing!
Yes, I agree with the others that your tone and descriptions are wonderful, yet the story is QUIRKY in the many loose threads that are left dangling at the end! It didn't bother me enough to make me stop reading, though. In fact, it was so intriguing, I would have read more...just in case the threads got knotted and tied together nicely. Unique and talented writing!
I could relate some, and enjoyed reading this. I would have gotten more than a smack! A fun read.
This was intriguing, unconventional, and fun to read. Very interesting and realistic characters!