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Loved the ending! The beginning left me with a few questions about the church and what was happening, but it wasn't necessary fto the story for me to know. I'm not sure about the application to topic, but great story, nonetheless.
Made me want to read all of it as I thought about how many times something like that happened to me as my husband was the guest speaker and I tried to sit without taking "someone's seat".
Maybe, a little light on topic. But, well-written.

You really nailed the emotions we often have in church--not very good ones, sometimes! The ending shows what God can do with our carnal natures.
Ouch. A great lesson on "judge not". The bit of humor at the end lightens the serious mood. Well done.
Lovely story of reconciliation after ill feeling. It happens all the time really - true to life and a well written piece.

I like how you've honestly described your steps through a "guilt"-edged blessing from God.
Sometimes we think we can quote the book in front of us when in reality we never took the time to open the cover. When the whole story is realized I've found the taste of my foot in my mouth to be quite bitter. Good job of bringing it real. Kudos :-)