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How endearing. A lesson many of us have had to painfully learn.:0)This captured my heart, maybe because I can relate to this from my own childhood and my own daughter's heartbreaks with friends. Cute and touching story.
What an effective way to teach children a wonderful lesson. I liked the story, and the writing was well done.
This would make a wonderful children's book... good lesson without being "preachy."
This story struck a chord with me. I applaud you for the gentle way you restored the MC's wounded heart. This would make a wonderful children's story with illustrations I can already see.
Brings back many memories. I'm not sure if little boys get as close to their friends and feel the pain of rejection as deeply. Best Friend is a badge of honor for girls of all ages!
What a sweet story.
Very precious children's story. I can visualize it in picture book form. I really liked the gift of a jump rope at the end; something they can all do together.
What a cute and endearing children's story! A good moral ending, too.
Wonderful children's story--one so many little girls, especially, could identify with. I hope a publisher will see the potential here.
Sweet sweet sweet. I hurt right along with Ellen, and I loved the ending. GREAT job!!
There's been a lot of hard entries for me to read this week--and this was one of them. You evoked so much emotion, I had to come back later on to comment. I was a lonely little girl and this made me teary: you did your job, Vonnie-- you got me good! Terrific.
I agree, would make a great children's story. I know the alientated feeling well, but did not have someone to intervene. Love what a writer's world can create!
I really like your style of writing. Lovely sweet story of friendship. Thanks - Colin
Simplicity, warmth and depth. A great story that 'skipped' any heavy moralising. Well done.
Nicely done. I'm going to read this to my granddaughters.