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Great lesson on "OW". I remember that my word was "SORRY". I thought that THAT might stop a well-deserved spanking. Oh, that spanking wasn't such a taboo thing these days. We all grew up quite normal, didn't we? Many an "OW" happened in our childhood....Great poem, and so funny. Bet that DAD is laughing about the incident now....Loved the poem...Helen
This is good fun stuff; but should you say something stronger rather than singing something happier - like "Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow!" ???
What fun! This delightful poem took me back to journeys and "Ow's" in my own childhood. I bet this precocious little one didn't laugh at Dad again! I enjoyed relearning the author's lesson. Great job.
Great poem, great lesson.
Great story! and so well-written! Loved it!
What a beautiful poem story that reminds me of Ham, Noah's last son. And you make poetry look simple and easy. Your last line is my favourite; although some(how) and (ow) do not rhyme. I admire your mastery and flow of narration.
Well, what do you know? I thought I was the only child who realized a magic word could end a paddling early! Very cute and funny!
Loved the easy flow and you captured the child's voice perfectly. Very engaging!
I found it ironic that mom was holding back laughter when telling her child not to laugh at another's pain. :)
this was so cute! loved it
What you are able to do with rhyme! On topic and just a joy to read.
Such fun.

I love the playful tone of this piece!
The story brings back similar memories from my own childhood.
Vividly told, and fun to read! The poetic style fit the tale very well.
As always, your poetry is clever and entertaining. The ending made me laugh out loud. Great job:)
Such a charming bit of family drama.
You are a master!

I'm reminded of a time when it was all I could do to administer a spanking when one of our wee ones said, "I'll just remember my Bible verse: Fear not, for I am with thee."
Loved your little poem. Hope Dad wasn't hurt too much!
Sorry... I would have laughed too. :-D
Loved this! Been there, done that, totally enjoyed reading about it.
I can just imagine Johnny Cash singing this. You are such a balladeer, Mariane! Your delightful stories coupled with your poetic talents is such an unbeatable combination.