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Ow, indeed.
Too cute! I did not get it at first, but I should know better! I have two cats!
Smokie sounds just like my Abby! Good oneI could relate totally.
Very cute, are you taking about my cat here? I have to lock her in her bedroom every night or this is exactly what happens...
Cute how the 'Ow' is the cat meowing, and not the person saying 'ow' because of da claws, you know.
So easy to identify with. Nicely done. Glad I'm not the only one up early in the morning. We have two cats.
Only a "cat" person fully understands!!!!!!
I assumed it was the claws too! Very cute story...and oh so true.

Signed, A Woman Owned by Three Cats
Brought back my own kitty "ow" memories. Cats have a way of getting our attention--one claw at a time.
I'm not sure what your purr-pose was here, unless it's to verify that dogs have owners while cats have staff! Good fun material