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It's probably not fair to say this since I've only read two stories, but this is my favorite for the week! The voice was so witty, sometimes sarcastic,and authentic feeling. The witnessing near the end paragraph was oh-so-perfect. Seriously, I loved it.
This is not just good, it is also very timely. Sometimes we don't like God's requests of us, but He is always right on. Merry Christmas!
Did the MC have a WWJD bracelet on? Thanks for a timely well written reminder.
I enjoyed this. Just when it seems we are the "worst witness ever", God uses us to bring glory to Him. And I like the fact that when he asks for a dollar, your mc gives him 10 times that. I think God would be pleased. Good job!
This is excellent, from "Brown Guy" to the imagined responses from the baby in the manger. Your title is perfect. You have so much depth in this wonderful story. Love it!
how many of us find ourselves avoiding those we should be ministering to? loved how you used so many words that were brown without using the word.
This reminded me of Erma Bombeck's writings.Loved the referral to the Inner Martha Stewart!

The pile of clothing that was human was very touching. I have experienced the giving when the recepient is ever so grateful, and it was so little on my part.

Great message.

An extraordinary story is one that lingers in your mind. This one will definitely linger. It is real.
awww, what a wonderful Christmas story with a little humor sprinkled in.

I think just about everyone can relate to your MC. I did. It reminded me of dropping off our church's collection to the local food bank...and encountering a very grateful couple, making me stutter and kick myself when I got back in the car.

Thanks for the human touch as always...and it was so cool we both had a "Brownie" in our stories! ;-)
I like the way you bring the baby in the manger into it - crying, then sleeping as a result of the mc's actions. Thanks for the reminder to be "called to action" this season. God bless.
I'm thinking that your MC and Miranda DailyLife could be friends: they kind of have the same sense of humor.
Loved it!
Oh, very good! I was so glad to get to the twist at the end. Witnessing is clumbsy for me too and I've had the same arguments, but you just know you have to. Excellent writing, great rythm, descriptions, poetic, right-on characterization, use of language, AND annointed. The ending moved me. Thank you.
A very interesting read especially for this time of the year. I like the way you contrast between the rich and the poor, and between "the Baby in the manger starts to cry" and "the Baby in the manger sleeps in heavenly peace." Your story puts across the message of what it means by the spirit of Christmas. It's about giving and receiving, about the birth of Christ and God's love for mankind that He gave His only begotten Son.
Liked it. At first I got a little bored with the self absorption of the Main Character. Read just like real life and real life to me is boring. When I read something I want to feel something. When you introduced the brown guy, the story picked up and became very interesting. So to me you nailed the ending, but the start was very slow.
Beautiful craftsmanship resulting in a very touching and meaningful story.

So highly readable.
This is the style of writing I enjoy the most, with humor and sarcasm at ONESELF overcoming the nitty-gritty of daily life. Very witty!

You captured the meaning of Christmas so beautifully,Jan.
Blessings to you.
You had me laughing, then I cried. Awesome writing!
Nice. A little jumbled with so much going on, but when I read slowly, it makes perfect sense, lol. I did like the lines with the Baby in the manger and I loved the "witnessing" part. Great stuff! ^_^
A truly beautiful story on so many different levels, written with compassion and self-deprecating humor. A lovely entry.
fantastic story. Beautifully written, with a powerful message.
Oh... I really like this. Powerful. I like how you wove images of brown w/o saying brown throughout the story - giving us varying shades of the color.
Truly a masterpiece on all the nuances of the color brown. It's a terrific story and very deserving of First Place!
Glad to see you back up on top with this wonderful piece!
Wonderful - and very powerful! Congratulations on your well deserved win.
Congratulations on your well-deserved win! You made me laugh and cry all in the same piece!
Best. Article. Ever!
Very good, although I did not know 'darnitall' was one word. Overall excellent writing.
I love the inner conflict and conversation.
Excellent - but the two best lines were the ones about the baby in the manger! So well placed and right to the heart.
This is a great Christmas story. Well done and congratulations!!!!
This is beautiful. So well worded. Congratulations!
This is VINTAGE Jan. All the way. Fresh, interesting, unique outlook, drag-feet positive, and especially well written.
Always one to get the reader to see themselves more clearly.

Wonderful job, Jan! I loved it. Such excellent writing!
Every tiny detail adds to the charm of this very timely story. Outstanding and very deserving of 1st place! Congratulations Jan!
What a wonderful story, well-told, timely and shows a piece of what Christmas really is! Thanks for this! Enjoyed this from beginning to end.
This is superb! Like how your mind is going in different directions but ends up at the heart of the matter. I, too, found the reference to the baby in the manger very grounding. Thanks so much for sharing your talents once again.
Ouch. Been there, done that.

I am glad she gave him the money.

And just for the record, most people named Betty are very cheery. ;0)
This one brought tears to my eyes...WONDERFUL...and very deserving of 1st place!
Congratulations on first place! I can see how you got it. Short, sweet, and right to the heart. I'll have to read more.