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Aw... wonderful work in this poem! I especially like this, (since we raised hogs for over ten years :) ), "Since pigs don’t have sweat glands wet brown mud is used -- To cool their skin off in the heat." Then your last stanza is like icing on the cake with it's beautiful message.
I think you hit every base and even a home run in your lovely poem of brown. The message in the concluding verses is precious--my favorite, the last one.
A beautiful poem like an art piece cast in bronze.
There are tears in my eyes as I read this. And here I was, no thoughts about BROWN. It's not that I don't like brown; it is just that I couldn't think anything about BROWN. Guess I am just too busy to consentrate on colours...But you brought to life the colour BROWN in such a vivid way. Now BROWN has taken on a brand new meaning...I especially liked how you worked in Christ and all the BROWNS connected to Him, our Saviour. Thanks so much, author of this poem. I do hope the judges will take note! It is a wonderful lesson on BROWN...God's special blessings on you...Helen
Beautifully written.
well done!
I loved this one... the imagery, the message, the last few lines that brought everything into perspective!
This is WNDERFUL! I especially liked the last line: "But what I would give to kneel down before Christ
To kiss His brown sandals today."
Wonderful poem! I loved the listing of all things brown, but the ending was the best.
What a delightful catalog of "browns"!

A delight to read.
loved the ending!
I really liked this. Wish I could do poetry like that. Blessings to you.
Heehee, what a read! I liked your opening verse the most, thanks for sharing! ^_^
Beautiful! I especially like the last stanza. Well done.
I loved the imagery, and the last line was a crown. Lovely.
Enjoyed the last stanza.
You are a delightful artist of words, Mariane! Great job with this...I loved it all the way through!