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This is a really sweet poem.. it would have been nice to have a little more info on her middle years, but it still read nicely... I can almost smell the orange blossoms.
What a creative mind fashioned this poem. The theme is carried through so well with wonderful descriptions. And there's even a special message of hope and blessing at the end.--Just beautiful!
Your words and theme create a mood of romance. Very nice.
I'm SO jealous!! - Not really. I just think this poem is lovely. My mind was blank when I thought of someting to write about ORANGE. But this is wonderful. It tells a beautiful story about a lovely lady and her devout husband. It tells a story of a whole life. Even at the end of her life I couldn't feel sad, as she died in the arms of her beloved. Then, you summed it up with the ULTIMATE conclusion--their being united. I've never smelled orange blossoms in reality, but I felt as though I smelled them through this poem...God's richest blessings on you...Your reward will be great....Helen
This poem is as sweet as the the smell of orange blossoms in the spring!
Actually, here in California, they come out February-March.
I truly enjoyed this story poem from start to end. A+ on the rhyme and meter--and great use of the topic.
This is beautiful - I enjoyed it so much. Thanks.

Great poem. And as others have written, I could almost smell the fragrance of oranges as I read you entry. Well done!
Beautiful and engrossing poem. An inspired work for the topic. Thanks for sharing it!
Very visual--delightful!

The nitpicker in me has to point out that this isn't really an ode--but the two "o" words in the title are pretty irresistable.

Loved the images in the last few stanzas particularly--lovely!
Adorable, as always! Totally enjoyed reading this little frolic through the grove of Blossom's life.
Love the name 'Blossom'. Might have to steal it one day...
Great writing. Loved it.
Absolutely gorgeous. You don't just write poetry, you are a poet. Loved it.