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Powerful point of view.I liked the repetition as it really added to the urgency of the situation.
Glad you included the footnote of the black box. I know it is actually orange, but not everyone may know that.
This story should be a winner!
Well, I learned something from your entry! I didn't know black boxes were orange! What a great piece! Kudos!!!
The "black box" crossed my mind when mulling over story ideas. I couldn't have come up with anything as original as this. Very good!
Great piece of writing. I too didn't know the black box was orange (sounds daft) lol Colin
Good, tight, and imaginative writing. And you're right. I did learn something new.
You have cleverly used repetition to introduce each new step in the story, when it could have very easily bred familiarity and turned your readers off. Skilfully done.