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Wow! Great! What an appetite-whetter! How I wish I could be there!
I do know that I would not have said a banana! EW!

LOL, I loved it and I can only hope and pray that I will be there next year with y'all. Depends on where I have a job at.

Love always,
Shameless plug worked very well. Clever, and well written
That was so much fun:) LOL. O boy;) I loved being couch girl;)
11/20/09 come MY team is out fist? Don't you remember who won with such a great clue as "oh no, I think I just ate my poop!"

Thanks for the smile. : )
HA HA HA!!! You put me right back there! Love it!
Makes me nostalgic for the gang and the game! Now...who would write this...hmmm...not couch girls since they already commented...Josh? Did he enter this with himself in the story just to throw us off?...Scott?...SCOTT!?! Now that would be something...guess it'll have to be continued until August 2010...stay tuned. (-;
Ha, fun!
Bubbly? MMMEEE???? You've GOT to be kidding! (hehe) I guess I can't ask for the chocolate, eh? ;)

This had to be SO much fun to write! And we can certainly use all the shameless plugs we can get! LOVED it, Leah!
awww, that was so sweet of you to write this from MY pov!!! ;-)
Loved this Leah. I also loved your disclaimer. Does this story mean you all had a jumpstart on the "Colors" theme? Can't wait until the next conference, am planning to be there.
Leah, as a beginning newbie, this was so much fun to read! Most of the persons I recognized from the forums, and it showed how much fun you were having.
I'm infamous? Wow!

I would have said "The traffic light that my husband believes means go as fast as you can."

Fun, fun story!
Very fun read and a great way to entice others to the conference. It sounds like you guys had a great time! Well done.
OK - I'm fessing up to the movie popcorn with gobs of butter cause I can't have it no more... Shameless! Hah! Love it, love it, Leah! Looking forward to seeing you in '10 my friend! Oh, and terrific tale by the way. :-)
Absolutely HILARIOUS!!! Brought back memories and the tears of unrestrained laughter. LOL

Can't imagine people thinking it more fun because of me being there. Hmmm. I was dog tired, maybe I said things I don't remember in my stupor?

Seriously, that was great.
This really was GREAT!! The writing was superb, but the flashback to your conference was just priceless! Yes - it makes me want to be there.
This makes me excited about next year's conference and makes me think back on all of the fun we had this year. I'm glad you made me loud and obnoxious in this, because that is what I am. Just preparing the new people who might meet me next year. :)

Seriously, this is a great piece and totally captured the essence of the conference. Loved it!