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Seriously imaginative interpretation of the end of time. Very thought-provoking material.
Smart! Great narritive/commentary. Enjoyed this very much. Nice opening chapter to a much larger work.
Fascinating story! I was drawn in all the way.

One minor thing (and as a computer guy, I feel I must say it...), I believe you meant "downloaded" when you said "uploaded."

Love this piece of "Science Fiction"... or is it?
Kind of a combination of the current Swine Flu debate and the story of the End Times. Fascinating. You just never know!
How 1984-ish ... captivating writing with some remarkable setting of the scene... and to think I am reading this while I have the flu!!!!

A great and satisfying read. The story line is rift with possibilities. My only observation would be that I'd like to see the entry start off as the entry into a diary, or something to relate the reader to the narrator and therefore establish a common bond. Great job!
Whoa! What a thought provoking read. This is very well written. Five stars from me.
Oh, I'm a HUGE sci-fi fan, and this is awesome! Usually it doesn't work in such a short form, but you really worked this. Excellent!
great writing. i think god may have given you a vision of our future.
WOW - you really nailed this! Excellent imagery, great suspense, and a remarkable vision into our (possible) future. I plan to share this article with others.
EERIE! It's too close to the truth! Thoughts like this have gone through my mind as I see people flocking to clinics for the H1N1 flu shots.
Excellent job! I too began thinking about the H1N1 scare tactics going on right now. Just so close to what we are experiencing to not be scary.
Congratulations, Chely. This is excellent--both the storyline and the writing. Glad to see my Hui on the EC list. :)
Absolutely fantastic writing end-to-end. The objectivity and lack of trite sentiments give this a sense of journalistic reporting, an eyewitness account. Outstanding work, congrats Chely..if this is your first pass a SciFi, I cannot wait for your next effort in the genre!
Oooo...I likey. How did I miss reading this one earlier? Nice take on the topic. Congrats on the EC.
It could...happen this way. Gives me shivers. You sure wrote convincingly and creatively - I almost thought of the voice of Sarah Conner narrating the Terminator movies. Excellent, my friend and very well deserving of the EC! Congratulations!
I want more...if you write this novel, I'd love to read it. Excellent writing!
Wow, I have a different story rattling around my head that leads to the same conclusion, where so many just can't see what really is happening.

I could not compare to your story, it's great.