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Interesting take on the purple people eater. : ) And peanuts in inlaws use to do that. This was an enjoyable read.
Very interesting treatment of an aging song. As soon as I started reading I was taken back - all those 51 years (gasp!) ago. So thank you for showing our age; but was it a "porch" or a "mersades-bens?"
Not only entertaining, cute,reader friendly, and a great voice but the dialogue was superb. Excellent. I don't remember you describing either of your two characters, but the dialogue gave me a perfect character sketch of both. Very, very good.
Hey! I not only remember the song, I remember porches. This brought back memories in a fun way.
I love your characters and their dialog - warm and very natural. A very fun story.
Fun story, but I don't know about peanuts in coke. What happens?
Delightful story - I not only like the story line, but I love it that Grandma is telling her granddaughter this storoy. How special!
This type of writing reminds me a bit of one my favorite, off-the wall-authors: Douglas Adams, esp his book "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxies." So, so good!
Thank you for this simply delightful sprig of joy - doesn't it seem that stories are best told between grandparents and grandchildren ... you placed a smile in my Monday morning soul ...
i thought everyone knows about peanuts in a coke. the purple people eater brought back so many memories. fantastic dialogue.
Great minds, Betty....

This was a total delight!
Well you cleared up a lot of mysteries for me! I always wondered who really discovered the purple people eater. That was great and fun to read.
Great story telling and dialogue. Very well written!
I really enjoyed this piece. I especially love the dialogue. I felt, I was right there on that porch listening to the conversation. Very creative.
Oh, complete fun and always enjoy your storytelling. Would love to hear Grandma's story for "Alley Oop!"
Ha ha that's how it happened!
What a fun, creative take on the topic! Loved it!
Hmmm, maybe we can Ally's story for yellow?

As usual, you turned out a great story that makes me laugh, thanks.
Delightful humor...I love Grandma and the whole story.
This must have been SO much fun to write, because it was a blast to read. Very snicker worthy:)
Betty, this is so delightful and just the way things work between little ones and their grandmas (or aunties). Good imaginative story, too. I came to thank you because I just discovered a comment from you on my "Sonnets from the Macabre" that I never got a notice about. That was so sweet of you!