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ROFLO!!! I needed a good giggle today. Thanks for that. Very clever, funny, entertaining, picturesque and well-crafted too.
Kudos—truly creative and well-done.
Great job; very funny!
Wow- this had some real imagination going on...too funny. Good job.
I am proud that someone else besides me thought of the Purple People Eater, and that the someone was you.

This was very cute and fun to read. I especially loved the count and how he shouted out the number of times purple was mentioned. Well done.
Very purpley! I have a deeper appreciation for purple colored people/characters now. I will think differently of them now; There is something deeper than purple:)
Extremely cute, witty, creative with outstanding dialogue. And a nice subtle message. Enjoyed it.
A fun read.
I laughted all the way through this story! I especially like the Count and his evil laugh!
Too cute and full of imagination.
This was so creative and lighthearted; loaded with witty, one-line zingers. I snickered all the way to the eighteenth perfect purple...loved it. :)
The Purple People Eater. Love that character. Great laugh. Obviously, great writing.
This brought some great memories back. So, so funny and it reminded me a bit of a new TV commercial where some of the characters such as Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc are in a support group entitled something like: "We Do Exist".
What a gifted imagination followed by spot on writing... such a pro and also such a playful wit ... loved it! Loved it!
LOVE IT!! You have an exceptional imagination and a wonderful sense of humor.
Nicely done!!
Creative, humorous and I enjoyed it, a lot!
Ah, very well done! Loved it!
Okay, I have to admit it didn't grab my attention at the beginning but my grin in the end proves a win. Some kind of
Loved it!

The voices were great, the comedic dialogue had me laughing, and the concept was hilarious. If only Grimace was there...

I loved the way your brought together your three purple guests. Great forum for them and very cute discussion. A very fun purple read. :D
Hysterical Jan! The characterizations were perfect...I give this a 10...10 perfect purples...muahahaha! Fabulous work as always :)
I sit and chuckle in awe of your prowess!
Super fun read. Had me chuckling throughout and I especially loved the "Count". Great writing!
I'm going to be laughing about this one the rest of the day! Loved how you made the three characters so distinctive. Absolutely hilarious, and so well written (naturally!). Loved every word.
Hmmm, I think I'm in the mood for something wet to slurple. Hope it doesn't make me burple in public.

Very cute!
Glad you cleared up all my misconceptions about purple! Loved the humor!