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I'm crying.
So powerful. So sad. But I love the hope. Incredible. I hope the right children get a chance to read this. It WILL minister.
Astonishing, Laury. Wow.
In my 20's I wrote a story similar to this in that the child experienced a very real Jesus. I understand where you are coming from.
An excellent job of writing. The word "gross" seemed out of character for a first grader. But, I'm no authority on kid-speak. You have written a meaningful story.
I love the delicacy with which you handled this oh so sad story. Well done.
Your story had me smiling with your descriptions of the teacher sitting on the chair, then the rest of the story was gut-wrenching. It's doubly sad that this is true.
*That* is the most moving thing I've read in a very long time. Being a grandparent, it is truly heartbreaking. Grandparents are supposed to be a child's refuge. They are supposed to be very loving, special people who spoil their grandchildren. This evokes all kinds of emotions in me. Sadness, frustration and anger, to name a few. I'm glad Jesus spoke to her in such a real way. Very well done.
So sad that these things happen, if not for God we would never recover.
Wow. Extremely moving piece. I got goosebumps at the end when the "who" was finally revealed. I was afraid it was going in the direction that it ended up being, but the who made it all the more devastating. I have prayed for dear
Oh, how sad and written with such sensitivity. I pray for her and all other children in like circumstances.
I relate to this story. This was written with a deep knowledge of what happened to yourself or that of someone very close to you. You captured the feelings of this child wanting to tell, but afraid to do so. Written with a great deal of sensitivity. A job well done! Laura
I forgot to mention that in referring to the teacher, you originally speak of Mrs. Roberts, then change it to Mrs. Reynolds (or vice versa). I've done the very same thing in my writing at times. Laura
Very powerful. I'm glad the little girl had the courage to tell her teacher. Thank you for this.
I'm so choked up. Such an important topic, and you handled it SO well. Love it, and God bless you for writing and entering it. Hugs! Cat.
Oh my goodness. Unimaginable. Reaching for tissue. And, God bless all the teachers who are lifelines for so many children suffering from abuse by a family member. Who else can they turn to? Great writing.
Extremely powerful writing that provides a riveting tightrope walk between light and dark. The MCs internal monologue was exceptional in its realism. Excellent work!
A love the hope, too, in this powerful, sad, but honest story. Without that hope, I wonder how children go on with their lives. So glad you wrote this. A wonderful ministry tool, Laury.
I love the simplicity of the child's thoughts. A real Jesus is needed inthese times.
Very emotional piece. You captured the moment well. Congrats on your EC - very well deserved!
So "real"...and sad. CONGRATULATIONS!
*sigh* Thank-you.
Congrats, Laury, on placing with this touching story.
Congratulations on your EC. Sending hugs!
Congratulations! This is so moving, wow.